Abstract & Keywords


The abstract (c. 150 words) should briefly describe your paper. Your abstract should include the following information:

What are the reasons for writing the paper?

How are these objectives achieved?

What is value of the paper and to whom is it particularly applicable?.

If applicable, you should also consider including the following:
If research is reported on in the paper, include suggestions for future research and identified limitations in the research process.
What outcomes and implications for practice, applications and consequences are identified? What changes to practice should be made as a result of this research/paper?


(Please note this should not be a structured abstract, these are just suggestions of the information which should be included in the abstract):


Careful selection of keywords will mean that researchers are more likely to retrieve, read and cite your article. By optimising your article for search engines, you will increase the chance of someone finding it.  Please supply five to six keywords that are applicable to your paper.