Call for Papers


Westburn Publishers launched The Marketing Review (TMR) in October 2000. TMR is designed to bridge the middle ground between the more esoteric, theorising of academic researchers and the anecdotal approach of journalists. Its distinguishing features are:

Definitive treatment of specific marketing topics by leading authorities on the subject, and a 'thematic' approach with issues containing contributions covering the following areas:

  • Theory. New and authoritative overviews of key topics summarising central concepts and ideas, cardinal principles and important trends and developments e.g. buyer behaviour, innovation and new product development, relationship marketing.
  • Practice. Description and analysis of the application of marketing theory to the solution of practical problems supported by critical analyses e.g. environmental analysis, strategic marketing planning.
  • Hot topics. Definitive examination of topical issues which have attracted particular attention from academics and practitioners e.g. core competences, globalisation, marketing metrics, social media, CSR.
  • Research methods. Review and discussion of techniques and methods available for the design and execution of research projects e.g. questionnaire design, grounded theory, critical incident analysis, using the internet.
  • Data analysis. Identification and consideration of approaches and procedures which may be used in analysing data and drawing appropriate conclusions from it e.g. cluster analysis, regression, SEM.
  • Skills and professional development. Discussions and advice on matters involved in improving personal performance e.g. effective communication, making presentations, getting published, writing a research proposal.

Submissions should be of 6000-8000 words (excluding display material and references) typed double-spaced on A4 paper. The first page should consist of the title, authors’ names, addresses and an indication of author for correspondence with their telephone/fax number. The second page should comprise an abstract of the paper (c. 150 words) and a biography (c. 150 words) detailing the authors’ background, affiliations and interests. Display material must be numbered, captioned and cited in the text. Authors should avoid identifying themselves in the main body of the text.  For full details on referencing styles and submissions see Guidelines for Authors

Copyright: Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, copyright in the paper exclusive shall be assigned to the Publisher. In consideration of the assignment of copyright each author shall receive a copy of the Review in which their paper appears, and electronic access to that year's online Review. Reprints of the paper may be purchased from our web site at extra cost. The Publisher will not put any limitations on the personal freedom of the author to use material contained in the paper in other works. Papers are accepted for the Review on the understanding that they have not been or will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language.

All articles should be submitted to the Editor for review:

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