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Journal ofCustomer Behaviour

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Customer Behaviour is double-blind peer-reviewed journal with a distinguished international editorial board, led by Emeritus Professor Michael J. Baker, and including Jagdish Sheth, Stephen Brown, Hakan Hakansson, Rob Lawson, Lars-Gunnar Mattson and Arch Woodside.

Founded in 2001, JCB is designed to bridge the perceived gap between consumer behaviour and organisational buyer behaviour. It is concerned equally with individual, household and organisational buyer behaviour and is particularly interested in theories, concepts and insights from core social sciences as well as disciplinary subjects.

JCB’s aim is to achieve a reputation for new, interesting and rigorous scholarship. The journal covers such topical issues as

  •     Co-branding
  •     Purchasing on the Internet
  •     Negative aspects of customer relationships
  •     Reciprocity of marketing and retro-marketing

and welcomes contributions from theoreticians and practitioners in the following areas:

Issues involved in the creation and maintenance of efficient and effective supply chains; logistics; outsourcing; procurement; retailing

  •     Customer behaviour
  •     Marketing intelligence
  •     Case studies
  •     Meta marketing

In addition to these core areas the journal also attracts

  •     Marketing education and training papers
  •     Conference reports and commentaries
  •     Book reviews and abstracts
  •     Letters

Journal of Customer Behaviour is published in four issues a year and contains an average of 20 articles plus book reviews a year, comprising around 400 pages.

If you wish to submit a paper to the Journal of Customer Behaviour please refer to the Guidelines for Authors