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TheMarketing Review

Aims & Scope

The Marketing Review is designed to bridge the middle ground between the more esoteric, theorising of academic researchers and the anecdotal approach of journalists. It aims to emulate the model set by the Harvard Business Review and Marketing Management in publishing editorially reviewed material of importance and interest to practitioners, teachers and students.

Please carefully read the Information for Authors – we do not accept submissions of empirical research papers as these are not part of the journal’s remit. 

Thematic Approach

TMR provides a definitive treatment of specific topics by leading authorities on the subject and follows a ‘thematic’ approach with each issue containing contributions covering the following areas:

Theory –

new and authoritative overviews of key topics summarising central concepts and ideas, cardinal principles and important trends and developments, e.g. buyer behaviour, innovation and new product development, relationship marketing.

Practice –

description and analysis of the application of marketing theory to the solution of practical problems supported by critical analyses, e.g. environmental analysis, strategic marketing planning.

Hot topics –

definitive examination of topical issues which have attracted particular attention from academics and practitioners e.g. core competences, globalisation, marketing metrics, social media, CSR.

Research methods –

review and discussion of techniques and methods available for the design and execution of research projects, e.g. questionnaire design, grounded theory, critical incident analysis, using the internet.

Data analysis –

identification and consideration of approaches and procedures which may be used in analysing data and drawing appropriate conclusions from it, e.g. cluster analysis, regression, SEM.

Skills and professional development –

discussions and advice on matters involved in improving personal performance, e.g. effective communication, making presentations, getting published, writing a research proposal

The Editorial Board is led by Professor John Egan, and includes invited experts from Professional Bodies, education and publishing. All articles should be submitted by email to the TMR Editorial Office – see How to Submit for more details.