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CrossRef & Article Linking

Crossref logoWestburn Publishers Ltd is a member of CrossRef, the citation linking backbone for online publications. Each article published by participating publishers is assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) which is paired with the URL of the article. This information is deposited in a central DOI directory and this allows links to this content to become live, so, for example, references in an article from a participating publisher will automatically become hyperlinks to the referenced item as it is deposited in the central directory. In most cases this will lead to the abstract and details of the article with an opportunity to purchase access, or, if you have a subscription, to the full text.

All Westburn Publishers Ltd articles are assigned a DOI on publication. You can find out more about CrossRef at http://www.crossref.org

How to link to online articles

To link to one of our articles online, simply add the DOI to the prefix http://dx.doi.org/

So for example, to link to the article:

“Organisational Buying Behaviour: A Retrospective” by Jagdish Sheth, Journal of Customer Behaviour, 2006, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp.107-120

Which has the DOI 10.1362/147539206778393736 then you would link to: