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Social Business

Review Process

Authors should first of all consider whether their intended submissions is “Academic” or “Practice-Related“.

Academic Papers

In broad terms Social Business seeks to attract three main kinds of ‘academic’ paper classified as Conceptual, Secondary and Empirical. These papers will be subject to rigorous double blind peer review.

All submitted papers are logged and given a reference number, which will be used in all correspondence throughout the review process.

Papers are then passed to the Journal Editor, who will desk review them and decide whether they are suitable submissions to the Journal. At this stage, authors will either receive a desk reject letter from the Editor or their paper will be put out for review.

All papers are double-blind reviewed and are sent to two reviewers whose interests and expertise lie within a relevant field. We hope to receive reviews back within 6-8 weeks and once both reviews have been received, the Editor will make a decision. The process is ‘double blind’, that is, the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, and the reviewers do not know the identity of the authors. Authors will be sent a copy of the reviewers’ comments and as a result of these comments, may be asked to revise and resubmit their paper. Resubmitted papers may then be returned to the original reviewers for further comment.

Practice-related Content

Social Business seeks to attract Practice-related content which includes Case Studies, Commentaries, Thought Pieces, Reviews, etc. This material will be Editorially reviewed with the advice of a Management Advisory Board.