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Format for Submissions

Submissions should be of 6,000-10,000 words (excluding display material and references) typed double-spaced on Letter size paper.

Please ensure that the files are not saved as read only and virus-check all files before submitting them. Please also ensure that there are no tracked changes, macros or comments in the document.

Files should be laid out in the following order:

  1. Title page: title, authors’ names, affiliations and addresses and the name, address and email address of the author to whom all correspondence concerning the article should be sent, plus a biography for each author (c. 150 words each) detailing the authors’ background, affiliations and interests. Any Acknowledgements should also be on the title page.
    Second page: title, abstract (structured abstract for academic submissions) and up to six keywords for indexing purposes.
  2. Text of the article (Authors should avoid identifying themselves in the body of the paper). Heading styles should be clear and consistent. Do not number headings.
  3. References (APA style)
  4. Appendices

Figures, tables, illustrations etc. should be kept to a minimum and all must be “print-ready”. Please use shading sparingly, and only to aid the reader’s understanding. They should be numbered consecutively, using Arabic numerals and each with a brief title at the top of the image/table. Incorporate all of these visuals into the manuscript in close proximity to where they should appear if published.  Please place a page break before and after each figure or table.

We recommend that authors carefully check their paper for inconsistencies in spelling, grammar and typography. British spellings should be used throughout and where there is an alternative use s- rather than z- endings.

English Language Editing
Author(s), and particularly Author(s) for whom English is not their primary language, may wish to consider having their manuscript professionally edited prior to submission. English language editing can highlight problems with grammar, spelling, punctuation and word-choice, and improve clarity of meaning, readability and suitability for publication in an academic journal.

Disclaimer: Westburn does not accept any liability or responsibility if author(s) choose to use a manuscript editing service. An author(s) use of such a service is entirely at their own expense and risk, and any agreement is exclusively between the author and the manuscript editing service. Use of a manuscript editing service does not in any way guarantee acceptance of a submitted paper.  All papers must be submitted to a journal as per our guidelines, and will be required to complete the relevant review process.