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Social Business

Practice Related Content

Social Business seeks to attract Practice-related content which includes Case Studies, Commentaries, Thought Pieces, Reviews, etc. This material will be Editorially reviewed with the advice of a Management Advisory Board.

Case Studies

The essence of the case study is that it is a detailed account of an issue or event, the actions taken by an organisation and/or individuals in response to this event and of the perceived outcomes arising from this action.  While there are a number of different approaches to the writing of case studies SB is primarily interested in those which describe and illustrate instances or events that exemplify the application of social business concepts in a particular situation or context.


Commentaries are in-depth pieces reflecting on previously published content. They differ from Reviews in that they may:

  • challenge the assumptions or findings of the original piece with alternative evidence
  • look at the original article from a different contextual perspective
  • elaborate or extend the argument of the original article with additional evidence
  • give a practitioner perspective on a piece of academic research, or an academic perspective on an item of practice-related content

Thought Pieces

Thought Pieces are original in nature and are an opportunity for practitioners and academics to reflect on topics which may be of particular interest to them personally. Unlike a piece of research, these may be anecdotal in nature


A good Review may include many or all of these characteristics:

  • An accurate summary of the structure and content of the material under review
  • Highlights of the main points which make the material an advancement or important contribution to the field
  • Suggestions on the best use of the material, and for whom it is best suited
  • Comparison with other similar materials which are its contenders
  • Comment on weaknesses or omissions

We publish reviews which are thoughtful, informed and critical in approach. The emphasis is on how the material advances and serves the field. Though a critical review may contain some unfavourable comment, hopefully constructively framed, we do not publish predominantly negative reviews. Reviews should be independent – we do not publish reviews supplied by publishers or the author of the material under review.

How to Submit Practice-related Content

Practice-related Content should be submitted according to the following guidelines by email to the Social Business Editorial Office

  • Submissions should be of up to 10,000 words typed double-spaced on Letter size paper.
  • Please ensure that the files are not saved as read only and virus-check all files before submitting them. Please also ensure that there are no tracked changes, macros or comments in the document.
  • Submissions should be a single file, and should consist of:
    Title page: title, authors’ names, affiliations and addresses and the name, address, email address, and telephone and fax numbers of the author to whom all correspondence concerning the article should be sent, and a biography for each author (c. 150 words each) detailing the authors’ background, affiliations and interests.
    Second page: title, abstract and up to six keywords for indexing purposes.

Authors must refer to the Guidelines for Authors for information on how to present references, spelling, figures and tables etc. Manuscripts which do not follow the Guidelines for Authors may be sent back to authors for correction prior to being entered into the review process.