Marketing: An Introductory Text 7th Edition

The seventh edition of Marketing: An Introductory Text by Michael J. Baker has been extensively revised, re-structured and updated, based on careful analysis of both major textbooks and detailed feedback from students and tutors. First published in 1971, this authoritative work has been the foundation textbook for innumerable marketing courses throughout the English-speaking world and has also been translated into other languages.

While the content reflects that required for an introductory course in Marketing, its approach differs in several important ways from ‘standard’ textbooks. First and foremost, Baker sees marketing as a synthetic integrative discipline firmly founded in the social sciences, especially Economics, Psychology and Sociology, which seeks to pull together theories, knowledge and ideas from a variety of more theoretically based ‘single disciplines’, and integrate them into a holistic approach capable of implementation through practice.

While it may be true that marketing decisions are situation specific and call for tailored decisions, this does not mean that theoretical frameworks and findings cannot be applied to diagnose, analyse and solve these problems. Marketing: An Introductory Text provides the foundations for such an understanding, as well as for more advanced study of the many sub-fields and specialisations that have evolved in recent years such as Brand Management, E-commerce and Services Marketing.

The book is divided into four parts. The first of these deals with the nature of marketing in theory and practice, and with the market as a mechanism for ensuring that supply matches demand. The second part deals with the theoretical underpinnings derived from the core disciplines, while the third looks at the heart of marketing practice – the management of the marketing mix. Finally, Baker concludes with a discussion of the application of marketing in practice.

Each chapter includes learning goals, a useful summary, review questions and problems to solve, a list of key terms, and a supplementary reading list.

Future generations of marketers need to know the origins of their discipline if they are to develop it further and, even more important, avoid re-inventing what is already known. It is hoped that this book will enable them to do this

Preface XIII
Acknowledgements XVI


1 What is marketing?
2 Marketing in practice
3 Demand and supply


4 Environmental analysis
5 Industry, competitor and self-analysis
6 The business system – channels of distribution
7 The distribution of consumer goods – retailing
8 Consumer behaviour
9 Organisational buying behaviour
10 Market segmentation


11 Marketing research
12 Product policy, planning and development
13 Packaging
14 Branding and brand management
15 Pricing and price policy
16 Channel management
17 Marketing communications
18 Mass communication
19 Direct marketing
20 Personal selling and sales promotion


21 The company: organising for marketing
22 Planning and implementing marketing
23 The marketing of services
24 Marketing in a foreign environment
25 Current issues and future trends

Glossary 727
Bibliography 755

Michael J. Baker is Emeritus Professor of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde, where he founded the Department of Marketing in 1971.

He is the author/editor of over 30 books and more than 150 articles and papers and is the founding editor of the Journal of Marketing Management and the Journal of Customer Behaviour. Michael Baker holds visiting appointments in a number of leading business schools and is a former Chairman of the Institute of Marketing, the Marketing Education Group and the Senate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and was President of the Academy of Marketing from 1986-2005.

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